Values & Principles

To be the leading ink manufacturer and supplier in order to satisfy the ever-changing needs to the printing and packaging industry globally.

We want to stand alongside the best in terms of quality and to be set apart in our excellence.

At Unistar Inks, we aim to be superior in innovation and service.

To continously develop new technologies for the global print and packaging industry whilst maintaining environmental and economic sustainability.

Unistar Inks is dedicated to the task of adding value to brands for smarter business success. We do this through the process of collective common collaboration and mutual respect forming a successful business ecosystem.

Compassion : -we act with kindness and empathy.

Excellence : -we perservere to achieve the best.

Service : -we are passionate and meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Diligence : -we go above and beyond.

Collaboration : -we value the contribution of our stakeholders.

Leadership : -we embrace these values and lead by example.

Respect : -we treat others fairly and with dignity.

Integrity : -we do the moral and ethical things.

we are the best

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