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At inception, Unistar Inks began manufacturing and supplying high quality solvent-based inks for the flexographic and gravure printing and packaging industry, specifically the food packaging industry. By developing new technologies that were both sustainable and eco-friendly they reduced not only their own carbon footprint, but of those along the value chain as well. The water-based technology that was created has higher printing capabilities than conventional water-based inks. UV LED curable inks were developed to meet global health and compliance standards in order to bring to you low migration inks. Unistar Inks also has a wide variety of speciality coatings and speciality products primarily catered for the food packaging industry.

At the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution and in line with the evolution of the printing and packaging industry, Unistar Inks locally developed intelligent ink which is conductive in nature. These conductive inks have been designed for smart packaging and printed electronics.

Unistar Inks offers converters and food manufacturers various diagnostic tests which are done in their world-class Research and Development laboratory. This facility has the latest equipment which includes a FTIR Spectrometer, GC Spectrometer and Desktop Corona Treatment Tester.

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