Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Unistar Inks, manufacturers and distributors of inks and related products for the printing, packaging, and allied industries, is committed to establishing and maintaining itself as a leading specialist in the manufacture of inks for the printing, packaging and related industries.

Unistar Inks will work in close association with all stakeholders, addressing relevant internal and external business issues, to provide a level of product and service quality that will always meet or exceed customer expectations, supporting the ink and ink related business growth strategy within the printing, packaging and related industries.

Central to this objective, arises the requirement for a high level of measurable, world class, precision and accuracy in critical facets of our business. We are therefore committed to the operation of an effective Risk Based Quality Management System (SABS/ISO9001:2015), designed to support this objective. Such a management system ensures that business objectives are clearly defined, measured and addressed in support of growth strategies.

We will commit the resources and create an environment in which each employee can contribute skills, talents and ideas to an ongoing process of continual improvement, innovation and growth through business objectives that are periodically reviewed and reset in line with business strategies.

In the pursuit of business goals, Unistar Inks will also endeavor to satisfy all statutory and regulatory requirements, whilst maintaining the highest levels of hygiene, health, safety and environmental sustainability within its operations, with due consideration to the related business risks and opportunities.

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