UV Curable Inks Commercialisation

At Unistar Inks we have developed a range of low migration UV Curable Inks for the global market. Our inks have been designed for label, shrink sleeve and HDPE/PP bottle applications. The range also includes speciality products such as metallics, flourescents and over-print varnishes (OPVs).

Silver and Graphene-based Conductive Ink

As the world of print and electronics comes together, we have used our extensive experience in the print and packaging industry to develop a range of conductive inks. Our conductive ink has low sheet resistance of less than 15 milliohms per square metre and cures at 120 degrees for two minutes.

Printed Electronics (RFID/NFC)

Utilising our in-house manufactured conductive ink, we were able to print electronic circuits for various applications. One of the interesting applications was RFID/NFC tags which were printed on flexible substrates and can be used in the smart packaging industry.

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