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Unistar Inks began its journey in ink manufacturing in 2004, by providing printing inks and solutions for the global print and packaging industry. The company has a deep-rooted culture for innovation and has always been developing new technologies while pursuing eco-friendly alternatives.

Unistar Inks is committed to providing superior quality, cost-effective products, whilst adding value to our customers. We promote customer retention and long-term supplier relationships and as a collaborative team, strives to provide competent, first-class technical services.

Unlike our counterparts, we do not want to be the best. We want our customers to be the best. That is what we strive for. Whether you are looking to increase your business revenue and market share; introduce new products; enhance your production environment and customer base in a sophisticated way using simple creativity and imagination – Unistar Inks is your solutions partner.


Our vision is to remain at the forefront of technological innovation for the global print and packaging industry whilst maintaining environmental and economic sustainability.


Our mission is to maintain our deep-rooted culture of innovation throughout every sphere of our business in order to provide our customers with differentiated products and solutions that will enhance their competitive advantage.

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