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UNISTAR INKS has been in South Africa for well over 15 years, always pursuing eco – friendly alternatives to the ever popular solvent based inks in South Africa and the larger African continent.

At UNISTAR INKS we are committed to providing superior quality, cost-effective products, adding value to our customers. We promote customer retention and long term supplier relationships and as a collaborative team strive to provide competent, first class technical service to the industry segment. We strive to continuously develop eco-friendly products on behalf of our valued customers.

We recognise the importance of the world-wide drive to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet and have established strategic associations in various countries, including Europe and Canada, to continuously explore opportunities to develop technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, ink technology systems that provide competitive advantage to our esteemed customers.


Unistar Inks is a manufacturer, supplier and innovator of inks and coatings.

Solvent Based Ink Technology

We have developed a range of Solvent Based inks to meet the demanding needs of the print and packaging industry targeting the FMCG and Label Converting markets.

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We continually strive to reduce the impact of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, and have developed a range of cost effective water based and UV curable inks in our quest to transform the world towards an eco-friendly and sustainable environment.

Solvent Based Ink Technology:

  • Flexographic Ink
  • Gravure Ink

UV Curable Ink Technology

We have developed a range of UV curable inks and coatings to drive the continual effort towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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We provide high-end cure, and high gloss finishes with excellent printability. We constantly focus on the toxicological effects of UV Curable Inks used in packaging for direct food contact and continually develop low migration inks to meet the global health and compliance standards.

UV Curable Ink Technology:

  • Flexographic Ink
  • Gravure Ink
  • Rotary Screen

Water Based Ink Technology

We have developed a range of water based inks, in an effort towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, moving away from ink systems that release VOCs into the environment.

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Our water based ink technology that has higher printing speed capabilities than conventional water based inks, through more effective curing mechanisms.

Water Based Ink Technology:

  • Flexographic Ink
  • Gravure Ink

Conductive Ink Technology

As the world of print and electronics comes together, we have used our extensive experience in the print and packaging industry and have developed a range of carbon, graphene,..

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..and silver based conductive inks to drive the world towards a future of widespread printable electronics, for use in smart packaging, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, OLED, RFID, and wearable technologies.

Conductive Ink Technology:

  • Flexographic Ink
  • Screen printable Ink
  • Digital Inks
  • Technical Expertise


X‎-‎rite Spectrophotometer – We use our ‎
spectrophotometer to analyse the colour specifications of inks to ensure manufactured batch to batch consistency‎, ‎colour matching‎, ‎and in further development of our inks‎.‎

FTIR Spectrometer – We perform FTIR spectroscopy to analyse our raw materials and inks to ensure that our products are consistent. We aslo perform FTIR spectroscopy in the development of our inks.

Gas Chromatograph – We use our gas ‎
chromatograph to test for solvent retention of printed samples in an effort to develop safe inks for food packaging‎.‎

Coefficient of Friction Tester – We use our coefficient of friction tester to ensure the coefficient of friction specifications of our inks and coatings are met.

UV Curer – We use our UV curer to analyse and test our UV curable inks for print speed, lamp intensity, and depth of cure specifications.

Corona Treater – Our corona treater uses high voltage electrical discharge on the surface of print films to modify their surface tension. We use our corona treater to develop, test, and optimize our inks to the printing conditions of our customers.

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